A message from Dee 

"They say don't take business personally.  I couldn't disagree more.  My business is very personal and my journey to be a successful entrepreneur is one of the most personal journeys I have been on.  I have failed more times than I have succeeded - so much so my favourite f word is now 'failure'.  I have failed and I have learned.  I have worked really hard and not got the results I was expecting.  I have poured my own money into my business, investing in myself, only to have to go back to my corporate job with my tail firmly planted between my legs.  Laying in bed at night I have had the saddest conversations with myself 'you might not have what it takes, Dee', 'maybe this entrepreneurial dream is just not for you, Dee', 'shouldn't you just be grateful for what you have and stop wanting more?'


And yet here I am.  Thank God I did not listen to myself!  And one of the many lessons that you will learn during Deetox is not to believe half of what you tell yourself.  Business is personal.  It is personal when you are not getting the results you expected.  It is personal when you are worried if you will have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month.  And it is very personal when you are doubting your ability, questioning your confidence and considering giving up on your dream.  


I designed Deetox because it is the program that I needed and couldn't find when I so badly required help with my business.  In hindsight it wasn't that I didn't have the answers to the challenges I was facing, it was that I wasn't asking myself the right questions.  Deetox is full of questions - powerful questions - hundreds of them.  And over 30 days you are going to ask yourself and fully answer the most important questions that will lead you to achieving all of your business goals.  


What is your fear? Where are you sabotaging your success and what is motivating that sabotage? Why are you playing small in your business and what is stopping you from showing up fully - every day in every way?  Are you ready for success and all that it will bring both positive and negative? What limiting beliefs do you have about your ability, experience and skill-set that are holding you back?  Whose rules are you living by - yours or others?  To reach the levels of success I know you aspire to you must know the answers to these questions and have access to a set of tools that keep you feeling motivated, confident and taking action"