For self starters and entrepreneurs who are going places

You are focused on your success and nothing is going to get in your way, right?  And you know that sometimes you lose focus and every now and again you are guilty of beating yourself up for not making enough progress. Join our amazing group of driven and ambitious Deetoxers who are sending their businesses and lives to new heights and supporting each other every step of the way.  This is an Accountability Program like no other, consider it your one way ticket to your best year ever.

The Deepartures program is only open to individuals who have successfully completed the Deetox 30 Day Challenge.  It is a monthly membership accountability program that is structured to ensure you are taking the necessary action to achieve your goals all whilst being supported with e-learning programs, webinars, group and personal coaching and much more.  This group is full-on and only for those that are really serious about the results they want to achieve. The vibe of the group is high energy, serious accountability (from Dee AND the group), major action orientation and super supportive.

Martiene van Steyn

"I first met Dee 6 months ago doing the DEEtox course. It's been the turning point for me really shifting my life. Dee has allowed me to come back to feeling like the person I was when I was younger , the person who I have squashed down for such a long time. I've been able to shift my work, my relationship with myself and my family and take charge of my life.  I credit Dee being the inspiration, motivation and the person I really needed to challenge me into this space." 

Remember, Deepartures is only open to people who have successfully completed the Deetox 30 Day Challenge.  So let's get you signed up today.