Your Uniqueness is Your Super Power

This day 6 months ago my first group of Deetoxers graduated :-) Happy Anniversary to you all and thanks for being the first intrepid explorers willing to give an eager personal development entrepreneur a chance :-) Today my sixth Deetox group graduate bringing my grand total to 75 Deetox graduates in the past 6 months!!!! Well done to you all - now get out there and bring those Success Blueprints to life ;-)

It has been a fabulous first six months for my brand new business - so much better than I could have ever dreamed of. After much trial and error, it seems that I have found the secret sauce to creating a business that I love - the secret sauce, it would seem, is never giving up and being 100% authentically me.

I launched a 30 Day personal development program (DEETOX). I had read that giving away too much value up front is not good for business. I have also learnt that that is a load of horseshit. Taking part in Deetox would mean you have to record videos every single day and post them in a group of total strangers. You would also have to complete homework every day and if you didn’t complete homework/videos for two days in a row you would be ‘removed’ from the group. Nothing about my design of the program would meet any success criteria that I have learned in a course or read in a book. But it has worked and then some.


By making the program hard to get into resulted in those being chosen feeling special and part of an exclusive group. This added to the sense of belonging to the group and the ‘Type A’ customers I was attracting loved that not just anyone could come in and that there was a visible selection process for entry. This also ensured that I was attracting customers that I would fall in love with – no joke! I love all my Deetoxers – my greatest achievement so far, in my opinion, is that I have been able to attract the most wonderful, kind and inspiring people to Deetox.

By making the rules of the program strict and sticking to my rules when people did not submit homework/videos instilled a high level of quality which always appeals to high achievers (oh yes DEETOX attracts a lot of high achievers)

Every single day of the 30-day challenge from the first group and onwards I give as much of myself as I possibly can. I coach, I guide, I mentor – I share my knowledge and experience holding nothing back. My ultimate purpose being that each Deetoxer has an amazing learning experience and leaves the program confident, focused, inspired. But they kinda never leave J

20 days into the first Deetox program they started to ask me ‘Dee what’s next?’ ‘Dee this can’t end here.’ ‘Dee we want the journey to continue’. I asked them what they wanted – they said accountability – and Deepartures was born – my first paid accountability program. I listened to my customers and I gave them what they asked for. This has continued when they wanted help with confidence “DEEVA’; with health and wellness ‘Dee+Light+Full” and so on.

By being open, authentic and generous with my Deetoxers they are open, authentic and generous with me. They give me feedback on my new programs. At least once a day I get a name suggestion for another ‘Dee’ program – some of the most recent suggestions are ‘Deevoted’ ‘Deesciple’ and ‘Indeepedent”. Who needs market research or branding experts when my customers are so highly engaged in and totally supportive of my success? 

Throughout the past 6 months rather than looking to others for how to do things I have looked to myself instead. I challenge myself each day to ‘be as Dee as I can be’. This has become a bit of a mantra within Deetox because our uniqueness is our superpower and I am only now starting to understand the power and truth of this. If there was one bit of advice I could give to any new entrepreneur it would be to ensure your business is you through and through J

I am took December off and traveled around Vietnam with Maurizio as an end of year gift to us both. 6 months ago I decided that whatever business I created it must be entirely online and allow me to work from wherever I want.  This has also come true. So far this year we have worked from Malaga, Zaragoza, Lyon, Bangkok, Marbella and Ireland. We have downsized to one suitcase each so that we can be totally mobile and are now having adventures and a level of work life balance that we have never experienced before. All this on a budget (we have become AirBnb discount experts). I have never felt so free.

I would like you to know that 7 months ago I didn’t believe that any of this would be possible. If you had said this would be my life I would have logically thought it might be possible but in my heart I would have felt that this kind of life is for ‘other’ people, not me, and that was okay. As it turns out – it has come true and this is only the beginning. And if I can live a life that I had only dreamt about then you can too.

 I am nothing special and I am very special – just like you. I am a university dropout and an ambitious entrepreneur. I am an international bestselling author and a 45-year old who still loves cartoons. I believe in magic, fairies and have conversations (battles) with my inner critic every single day. Some days I know what I want some days I don’t have a clue. I am a bag of walking contradictions and I am wise beyond my years. I am a highly functioning dysfunctional person and I wouldn’t change a hair on my chiny chin chin (yes there are a few) J

If I can do it so can you

 Dee x