If Success is Religion, then Doubt is the Devil

Happy New Year from beautiful Bali. 

I am sitting here drinking my Strawberry Ling Ling pondering whether I should order something stronger even though it’s only just gone 1pm. 

My Strawberry Ling Ling

My Strawberry Ling Ling

It’s still the holidays right?

Feck it!  I’m having a mojito.

And now that the important items of the day are taken care of I can bring you through some of my musings from 2018.

It has been a good year for me.  Actually it has been a great year.

I won six industry awards including a Gold Stevie Award for Coach of the Year.  I wrote my second Amazon Bestseller “The Beginners Guide to Being You”. I had my highest pay day ever – EUR 6,000 for 7 hours work AND only a few weeks ago I signed my first six figure coaching contract.

Not bad right?

And that’s not even including the stuff that is really important to me – having my Mum and Dad spend two months with us in Thailand at the start of the year.  Continuing to work and travel the world with Maurizio. Watching one of my best friends (Manlio) and my little sister (Joanie) get married (not to each other lol). Getting to hang out in Bali and make some fabulous new friends (Lucy and Martiene you ladies are the loveliest) .

It all sounds wonderful and it has been but the one common theme that underlies all of these great achievements is DOUBT.

As I think back on 2018 and what I have learned that has made the biggest difference to me – it’s that all of my successes have been preceded by varying levels of doubt.  And that my real success has not been the awards or the books or the money - it has been my ability to push through my self doubt even when I had no evidence that it was going to work out.

My writing location for today …. Grocer & Grind, Kerbokan, Bali

My writing location for today …. Grocer & Grind, Kerbokan, Bali


Before applying for each of my awards my whiney stupid ass inner critic would point out that I might not win and I could make a holy show of myself.  In a way that only she can, she asked me if I really deserved to win the award, had I done enough to merit the recognition, wasn’t there still a lot more I needed to achieve before I was worthy of an award. 

I applied anyway ….. and won.

My first award of the year - Network Ireland (Waterford)

My first award of the year - Network Ireland (Waterford)

Network Ireland (Waterford Branch) – Businesswoman of the Year for Best Use of Digital

Stevie International Business Awards (Silver) – Startup of the Year (Business Services)

Stevie International Business Awards (Bronze) – Entrepreneur of the Year (Business and Professional Services)

Stevie International Business Awards (Bronze) – Best new Product or Service of the Year (B2B Services)

Stevie Women in Business Awards (Bronze) – Startup of the Year (Business Service Industries)

Stevie Women in Business Awards (Gold) – Coach of the Year (Business)

The Beginners Guide.jpg

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted my second book to be about.  A book of questions (questions are one of my favorite things in the world – weird? Don’t judge me).  I wanted to write a book of self discovery and I had already thought of the title and had fallen a little bit in love with it.  But you know who showed up again ….. “a book of questions, sure that isn’t a book at all”; “your first book was much better than this one”; “everyone is going to think you are a lazy writer”. 

I self published the book in June and was listed on the Amazon “Hot New Release” listing within hours.  I reached #4 bestseller in the German store, #20 in UK & Ireland and in the top 50 on Amazon.com.

Book number three is on the way.

If I had let my self doubt get the better of me I would not be able to sit here right now listing these incredible achievements.  And if there is one piece of advice I could give you going into 2019 it is to find a way to push through your doubts because, just like mine, they are all bullsh*t.



If Doubt is the Devil, then Action is your Guardian Angel. 

When in doubt do something.  Anything!

Doubt, when left unchecked, can be paralysing.  I’ve witnessed some of the best and brightest people that I coach effectively grind to a halt because they doubted their abilities to achieve what they want.

We often search for assurances that everything will be ok, that we will get what we want before we decide to take action but that is not always possible.  There is no guarantee that everything will work out.  You will often have to take a leap of faith with no supporting evidence and just rely on the fact that you will do your best and that will be enough.

In the moments where my self doubt has had a firm grip of me I have asked myself:

“What will I miss out on if I do nothing?”

And if there is a lot that I will miss out on I ask myself:

“If I was guaranteed success what is the first thing I would do?”

And then I go right ahead and do that.

It works every time.



By asking myself those two questions I have given myself a chance to surprise myself. 

I never thought I would write one bestseller let alone two.  I had hoped at the start of the year to pick up maybe one award – I would never have believed you if you told me I would get six including a Gold Coach of the Year award.  I started the year focused on building the business and had very specific revenue goals in mind – I never thought I would have a EUR 6,000 day or a six figure contract in my hand by the end of the year. 

Not because I don’t deserve them or couldn’t make it happen but just because that felt like too much to achieve right now.

I was wrong.

It is all very achievable and despite the doubt I have felt and still feel - I have managed to make these successes my new reality.

I now know that it doesn’t matter if I don’t believe I can’t do something or have something or be something.

I doesn’t matter at all that I doubt it.

I don’t need to believe that its possible I just need to find a way to take action.

And then wait to be surprised.



When all else has failed and my doubt is winning the battle – I have my very own secret weapon.

Her name is Maria McCourt and she is my best friend.

Maria and Me

Maria and Me

I love Maria and Maria loves me.

Maria thinks that I poo pavlova and pee prosecco.  No joke!  I can do no wrong in her eyes. 

Maria believes that I am capable of superhero levels of success and it is that belief that gives me strength when I cannot muster it up myself.

Everyone needs a Maria.

If you don’t have one.  Find one.

That person that can believe in you and cheerlead you on when you don’t yet fully believe in yourself.  Let them be the ones to show you how ridiculous your self doubt is because they already know the truth.

You are the bee’s knees.


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