If Success is Religion, then Doubt is the Devil

If Success is Religion, then Doubt is the Devil

Happy New Year from beautiful Bali. 

I am sitting here drinking my Strawberry Ling Ling (don’t ask) pondering whether I should order something stronger even though it’s only just gone 1pm. 

It’s still the holidays right? Feck it!  I’m having a mojito.

And now that the important items of the day are taken care of I can bring you through some of my musings from 2018.

Happy 1st Birthday Deetox - The Power of a Little iDEEa

This day 12 months ago, sitting on a very uncomfortable sofa in an AirBnB in Malaga, I came up with an idea that would change my life.  I had no clue at the time where this idea would take me but I had an inkling I was onto something special.  After posting on my Facebook page that I wanted to run an online challenge I received feedback that friends were looking for help with goals that they repeatedly set but repeated failed. I pondered the dilemma of repeating old patterns, being stuck with limiting habits and like a bolt from the blue I came up with ‘Deetox’.  I thought the name was funny and told myself ‘well what have I got to lose?’  And so the Deetox 30 Day Challenge was born.

In typical ‘Dee' style I launched the challenge without having much ready.  Actually without having anything ready really - other than a sense of the experience I wanted participants to have and trust in myself that I could pull it off.  For 30 days I wrote each days homework the night before it was needed.  And it totally worked!  At around day 20 of the challenge I was being asked ‘what’s next?’ and ‘don’t just let it end here’.  Of course, I hadn’t even thought about what was coming next so I asked what was needed and the unanimous answer was ‘accountability’ – and so ‘Deepartures’ my accountability program launched.

31 days from the start of the first Deetox I had designed and launched two personal development programs and a business was born.  Little to no planning, practically nothing ready when I launched, no advertising other than posting on my personal Facebook page, no website, no brand identity, no coherent social media strategy, nothing.  Well maybe ‘nothing’ is too strong a word – I was motivated, enthusiastic, curious and determined to learn no matter what happened.  It seems these are the keys to my success.

I still ask myself all the time why Deetox has been the success that it is particularly when I worked harder and put more planning into other ideas (ideas that subsequently failed).  I think its because I gave myself permission to be as creative as I wanted to be and make the program as ‘Dee’ as I possibly could. I have discovered authenticity, honesty and transparency make for a compelling and engaging brand.

Genius Cafe, Sanur, Bali

Genius Cafe, Sanur, Bali

12 months later I am writing this letter to you, sitting on a beach in Bali working from the most fabulous co-working space I have ever seen.  My Pinterest Vision Board has come to life right before my very eyes (https://www.pinterest.com/deetoxer/dees-vision-board-for-2018/).  I have to pinch myself regularly because I still think I will wake up from the most gorgeous dream and find myself somewhere else – somewhere less fun, less satisfying, less free.  If it seems too good to be true it must be, right? 


Since May last year Maurizio and I have worked our way around the globe – Spain, France, Ireland, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Portugal and now Bali, Indonesia.  I self published my first book which became an international best seller on Amazon and I am about to publish my second.  I work with some of the most inspiring, creative and passionate people and I am honoured to call them my customers.  I am blessed to help Deetoxers create success blueprints that come true and watch new businesses, new careers, new relationships and new levels of confidence spring to life.  Next week I travel home to Ireland for the Network Ireland awards where I am a finalist in the Best Emerging Company and Best Use of Digital categories (winners to be announced on the 25th).  And most importantly of all, this little Deetox idea, has given me a quality of life that I have never experienced before allowing me to spend time having adventures with those I love the most in this world.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 14.35.56.png

The weird thing is, I hardly recognise myself.  I have spent these past 12 months so focused on watching my Deetoxers learn, grow and excel that I hadn’t stopped to notice that I was learning, growing and exceling along with them.  It is hard to articulate the difference that I feel.  It isn’t just increased confidence although I am certainly more confident than I was.  I think it is actually I am more at peace with myself.  I don’t question myself to the extent that I used to. I trust my instinct much more and I have cultivated a deep seated belief that I can do anything I set my mind to.  For the first time in a very long time I am perfectly happy to be me.  Happy to be Dee.

I have also learned that I, just like my Deetoxers, have many limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns to contend with.  The most prominent for me over the past 12 months has been my people pleasing tendencies.  In a desire to ensure peoples experiences are the best they can be, I have frequently over extended myself and offered too much for free.  I have only just this very month learned the difference between being appreciated and being valued.  Simply put, when it comes to my business, being appreciated doesn’t pay the bills, being valued does.  I have given away too much of myself, my experience, my skills and been left feeling under-appreciated and undervalued.  And I only have myself to blame for this.  I am learning.  Fast. 

The most inspiring lesson I have learned this year is the power of one small idea.  Deetox was born of a question in a Facebook status which led to an idea.  So simple and yet extraordinarily life changing.  I coach so many new entrepreneurs who feel they have to be 100% ready before they launch their businesses – the website must be done, the Facebook page must be perfect, the business cards printed etc. – and this couldn’t be further from the truth.  All that is needed is an idea and the motivation and enthusiasm to show that idea to the world in all its imperfect beauty.  Your customers will be far better judges of the power and potential of your idea than you ever will.

And as for the next 12 months?  I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t make any plans – I seem to do better without them.

Dee x

P.S. Maybe you will discover your idea in next months Deetox 30 Day Challenge.  Sign up here today and let's see what happens https://deehutchinson.com/hellodeetoxers


Beware the lies we tell ourselves (there are so many of them)

One of the biggest challenges my customers face is inaction because of fear.  Let me give you an example.  Afraid to launch a new product because it may not be liked, afraid to start a new business because of what people might say, afraid to write the book they have always dreamed of because what if nobody buys it!  And the list goes on.  These are a few of the many examples of lies we tell ourselves day in and day out.  Find out in todays video what you can do about this.  Dee x

The heavy price you pay for playing small in your business

I work with so many new business owners who are hiding in their businesses.  Don't get me wrong now - they are working hard and getting lots done but they are not focused on being visible and sharing with the world what they and their business can do.  There are alot of reasons for this - I could talk for hours on issues around worthiness, fear of failure, fear of rejection and so on but for the moment here is some food for thought.  Dee x

Why you should start before you are ready

From the time we are born we do things before we are ready.  We try to walk before we are ready, talk before we are ready, eat on our own before we are ready and why?  Because this is how we learn.  We are hardwired to learn by trial and error but somewhere along the line we forget this amazing inbuilt skill.  We all need to get back to starting before we are ready - find out why here.  Dee x