If only we were taught in school the most important of lessons - that WE are the answer to most of our problems. 

It took me a while to discover this truth but as soon as I did my business and life changed. I stopped trying to be someone or something that I wasn't and started giving myself permission to just be me.  Sounds too easy, right?  Well it hasn't been. It is surprising how difficult it is to just be ourselves.  To turn off the self doubt, self criticism and switch on trusting your instincts, believing in yourself and giving yourself permission to achieve absolutely anything. Yes, being as unapologetically me as I can be is a daily struggle but it is absolutely worth it.  How do I know? 

Simple.  The results speak for themselves.

I have gone from cringing at the thought of having a website with my name on it to having my name in every single product I offer (Deetox, Deepartures, Indeestructible etc).  The more me I am the more my customers want from me.  I have found that by embracing who I am (warts and all) - I have created a unique business (and life) that is authentic, honest and utterly relatable.  I now finally understand that my uniqueness is my superpower and I hope you give me the opportunity to show you the same is true for you.  


Dee is a best-selling author, inspirational coach and award winning leader. She helps self starters build their businesses and stay on track when the going gets tough. With her no nonsense coaching and hands-on support, you know Dee can get you out of stuck and back in business.

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Ready to take the next step? Find out how to work with Dee and eliminate the thinking that has been holding you back in business and in life. Your business is a reflection of you: where YOU are and how YOU see yourself, she knows that taking your business to success is as much about you as it is about the strategy. 

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